How Divorce Can Impact Your Job

If you’re a CEO, a manager, a business owner, or in another position of authority, you can feel lonely and isolated when a personal crisis, such as a divorce erupts. There’s only one job in the whole organization like yours and you’re filling it. People look up to you and if you seem panicked, insecure or vulnerable, it can affect everyone above and below you.

If you’re in any type of leadership capacity, you know it comes with some enviable benefits, but it can also be conflicting when you need to be strong and confident when you’re anything but. If you suddenly act angry, depressed, or as if you’re on an emotional roller coaster, you’ll automatically appear less credible.

Telling Coworkers About the Divorce

When someone first tells their coworkers about their divorce, people are usually very sympathetic. They give that person space, but after a short while they have less sympathy and expect the person to move on.

Some executives decide to suffer in silence. They don’t tell coworkers about their divorce out of fear of being judged or treated differently. And when they look back, they realize that the divorce affected their decisions because they were emotionally drained.

Examples of how divorce can affect your job:

  • You may not fire someone who needs to be fired because you don’t want to deal with more emotional drama.
  • You may make questionable professional decisions that were influenced by your divorce.
  • People may be unsympathetic after a short while, which can lead to depression and substance abuse.
  • You may become more risk-adverse.

Unfortunately, not all companies are well-equipped to deal with personal tragedies in the workplace, such as when a colleague gets divorced or is diagnosed with cancer, or when a loved one dies.

If something such as a divorce is swept under the rug, it can lead to even more isolation, which is why companies should focus on creating a culture of empathy and understanding. Having a support system at work can do wonders for employees and the company as a whole.

If you’re getting a divorce and it’s affecting your job, we strongly suggest seeing a counselor or therapist or if you go to a place of worship, talking to someone there. As for the divorce itself, our divorce attorneys will help manage your divorce from beginning to end. To learn more, see our coping tips and contact us to discuss your matter more fully.