Wendy Samuelson Will Be Presenting a Live CLE Webinar to Connell Foley on July 22, 2020

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Wendy Samuelson, Esq., managing partner of Samuelson Hause PLLC, will be presenting the live CLE webinar for the law firm of Connell Foley, "What Wilma Flintstone Needs to Know Before She Tells Fred She Wants a Divorce: Pre-Divorce Strategic Planning." The program is from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Attendees will receive reciprocal CLE credit: NJ CLE 1.8 General, NY CLE 1.5 Professional Practice. Instructions on how to connect to the webinar will be e-mailed just prior to the event. Guests are welcomed, and may sign up for this free webinar by contacting Aimee Sachs at asachs@connellfoley.com.

About the program
Wilma Flintstone just discovered that Fred is having an affair with Betty Rubble! Their marriage has been on the rocks for years, but this is the bone that broke the dino’s back! Wilma Flinstone meets with divorce attorney, Wendy Samuelson to review the early legal and financial planning necessary before she commences a divorce action.

Ms. Samuelson will discuss legal and financial strategic planning in a case study where Fred owns a cash business and Wilma needs to prove the income and assets of the marriage. She will touch on topics such as financial discovery; preparing for the court’s automatic temporary restraining order that takes effect upon the commencement of the divorce action; estate planning prior to divorce; and the difference between using a mediator or a divorce attorney. You will have a better understanding of what happens at the initial consultation with a matrimonial attorney and how you can advise your clients when they tell you that they are thinking about a divorce.