Wendy Samuelson Lectures to Senior Managers of Janover, LLC

Attorney Wendy Samuelson is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable divorce attorneys in New York. With over 25 years of legal experience focused on complex divorce cases and family law matters, her legal abilities are sought by clients and legal peers alike. Recently, she lectured to the senior managers at the accounting firm of Janover, LLC, where she was able to share her insight and experiences.

Her dissertation was playfully titled “What Wilma Flintstone Needs to Know Before She Tells Fred She Wants a Divorce: Pre-Divorce Strategic Planning.” The lecture asked those in attendance to imagine a scenario in which Wilma Flintstone had just discovered that Fred was having an affair with Betty Rubble. What should Wilma do in response, and what does her divorce attorney need to do upfront to ensure she has a great chance at a successful divorce?

In such a situation, as Ms. Samuelson explained, it is crucial to review early legal and financial planning strategies before even commencing a divorce action. For example, if Fred owned a cash business, Wilma would have to prove the income earned through his business and the related assets of the marriage. Financial discovery, preparing for the automatic temporary restraining orders, and estate planning all need to be strategically planned.

The accounting firm of Janover, LLC frequently helps clients in control of companies and corporations, and who are going through a divorce, either filed by their spouse or started on their own. Thanks to the lecture given by Ms. Samuelson, all of the firm’s senior managers are now better equipped to handle initial consultations with matrimonial attorneys and advising their own clients about what to do next to best protect their businesses and assets.

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