Wendy Samuelson

Attorney Wendy Samuelson Featured in Spirituality & Health Magazine

At Samuelson Hause PLLC, our lawyers are committed to giving clients the best legal guidance that we can offer. Recently, Wendy Samuelson, a partner at the firm, was featured in the July / August edition of Spirituality & Health magazine. The article, titled "A Better Way to Break Up," featured Wendy's take on the emotional struggle that follows a divorce.

"When clients come in, they're often in shock," she told Spirituality & Health, "They can't believe they're in a divorce lawyer's office." A lot of the time, she explained, the emotional upheaval of a separation causes people to lose sight of what's really important: their futures.

"Clients may be so focused on getting back at their spouse that they don't focus on what they need… Sometimes they're so angry that they can't see what's best for themselves."

Many times, Wendy's first job is to help her clients calm down. "It's a skill you have to learn," she said. "To get a settlement, they have to be in a reasonable, mindful place, not just airing dirty laundry…"

How does Wendy help her clients find peace of mind? She recommends two practices: controlled breathing and yoga-inspired meditation. Controlled breathing encourages the individual to close his / her eyes and draw deep breaths from the stomach, not the chest, and includes exercises of patterned breathing in or out through the nose or mouth. Through meditation and simple prayers/poems, her clients can begin to develop forgiveness and compassion, crucial steps toward a calm and focused mind.

These simple exercises, Wendy says, helps her clients relieve stress and see "the big picture."

To learn more about coping with the effects of a divorce, continue reading the article here. If you are considering a divorce or facing a complex legal issue with your family, Samuelson Hause PLLC is here to help. Please contact us today for a phone consultation regarding your case.