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Wendy Samuelson Honored by Herald as a Premier Businesswoman of Long Island

Wendy Samuelson has been making a difference for her clients for nearly three decades. She’s brought legal sharpness, strategic savvy, a tenacious spirit and compassion to divorce cases where people are faced with handling both personal difficulties and financial complexities. Later this month, The Premier Businesswomen of Long Island Awards Gala will honor Wendy’s efforts.

The Premier Businesswomen of Long Island Awards are chosen by our local media at RichnerLive and Herald Community Newspapers. The honors will be given out on Wednesday, March 23, at The Heritage Club of Bethpage in Farmingdale. Wendy will be one of our community's professional women honored in 2022.

The ultimate career satisfaction for Wendy will always come from her work with her clients, helping them move on to a better emotional and financial life. She’s been honored to work for people ranging from hedge fund managers to real estate developers to CEOs of large, publicly traded corporations.

If you are going through a divorce or custody matter, feel free to call Ms. Samuelson at (516) 584-4685 or reach out online with any legal questions.