Attorney Wendy Samuelson to Speak at Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services Conference for the NYS Society of CPAs

On May 19, the Foundation for Accounting Education will hold its Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services Conference-- a premier event for CPAs and other industry professionals looking to stay informed and prepared for the numerous obstacles in the changing economic landscape. Samuelson Hause PLLC is proud to announce that Partner Wendy B. Samuelson, Esq. will be holding a session at the conference, "What Every Accountant Should Know About Matrimonial Law."

The session will focus on the financial ramifications of divorce and how accountants can better inform their about-to-be-married clients of possible preparations to protect their assets.

Among the topics covered will be:

  • Spousal support
  • Division of marital assets
  • Defining "marital" and "separate" property
  • Using trusts to shelter assets
  • Preventing the transmutation of separate property into marital property

As the session's promotional summary points out: "While it may be unromantic to focus on the statistics that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, our job as lawyers and financial planners is to protect our clients' wealth in the event things don't work out." An experienced lecturer, Attorney Samuelson will lend her insight as a dedicated and studied Long Island matrimonial law attorney who has helped her clients navigate the many financial complications of divorce.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services Conference will take place on May 19, 2015 at 14 Wall Street, New York, NY. "What Every Accountant Should Know About Matrimonial Law" will be held in a morning session, at 9:30 am. For more information on registering, the conference, visit

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