Wendy Samuelson Gives Counsel to Spirituality & Health Readers

Divorce can be difficult, messy, and stressful. Any individual who has seen a loved one go through divorce or gone through a divorce themselves knows that the challenges do not end once the paperwork is signed. How do you navigate a divorce without holding onto your anger, your frustrations, and your fears of the future?

Wendy Samuelson, a partner at Samuelson Hause PLLC, was featured in a recent article by Spirituality & Health, and discussed how to approach a divorce with positivity and move forward with life. As a Long Island divorce lawyer, Wendy has seen many couples go through painful divorces. Her counsel can provide the relief and a sense of peace that so many individuals need.

Breathing Through Your Divorce

We all know the common sayings "just breathe" or "try to relax," but does this advice really work in our daily lives, even in a divorce? Wendy believes so, but people need to be taught how to do so. .

"Clients may be so focused on getting back at their spouse that they don't focus on what they need. To get a settlement, they have to be in a reasonable, mindful place," she states in the article.

Wendy often turns to yoga to achieve this peaceful awareness. Since successfully leading one of her more distressed clients through simple breathing exercises, she often offers the same technique to others who are anxious over their divorce.

"It's remarkable how something so simple can help people calm their anger, anxiety, and fear," she continues to say about the simple breathing exercises. Wendy's main goal is to help her clients remove their anxiety so that they can see the big picture in their divorce. Her proven experience has helped her guide countless clients through their complicated and stressful divorce cases.

Want to discuss your divorce? Contact our firm today for compassionate counsel. To read the full Spirituality & Health article, "A Better Way to Break-Up", click here.