Former Associates Geffner & Kersch Are Now Partners & One New Associate Joins the Firm

Samuelson Hause PLLC is proud to announce that former associates Alisa J. Geffner and Carolyn D. Kersch are now partners with the firm, and Nicole M. Savacchio has joined the firm as an associate.

Attorneys Alisa Geffner and Carolyn Kersch joined the firm as associates after graduating from Hofstra University School of Law. Partners Elliot D. Samuelson, Richard L. Hause, and Wendy B. Samuelson were their mentors during their early years. Both attorneys have now been practicing exclusively in the field of matrimonial and family law for more than a decade, and zealously represent clients in and out of court. View our client testimonials to learn more.

Nicole M. Savacchio, a recent graduate of Hofstra University School of Law has joined the firm as a new associate. Nicole demonstrates a strong passion for the law combined with a unique ability to handle emotionally charged situations as a result of her undergraduate degree in psychology. She garnered extensive mediation and family law experience while in law school and is now determined to use her knowledge and experience to positively impact her clients' lives as she begins her career.


Our legal team shares more than 100 years of combined sophisticated experience in family law and divorce matters. We are dedicated to helping our clients resolve their cases quickly, efficiently, and with as little trauma as possible.

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