What You Should Expect when You Hire a Matrimonial Attorney

One of the most important aspects of your divorce representation is not only to select an experienced lawyer but to choose competent and well respected expert witnesses. These may include a forensic accountant, an economist, or a business broker who will testify to the financial aspects of your case and the value of your business or professional practice, and any licenses obtained during the marriage. It is a battle of the experts to be viewed by the court as the most credible and experienced witness.

Additionally, when child custody and visitation is involved, it is necessary to retain a psychiatrist recognized in his field and who has previously testified in custody determinations before the judge hearing the case, if this be possible. In this respect, the attorney who is managing your litigation should be associated with such top quality experts. Before the lawyer retains such person, you as the client should meet and consult with both your attorney and the expert witness to explore his opinion, determine the number of cases he has been involved and the frequency his or her opinion has been adopted by the court as the most credible evidence.

Although presenting evidence of your capabilities as a parent, your involvement with the child's health, education and welfare which is necessary to conclude that you are the psychological parent who is closest with the child. Such testimony must be bolstered by an expert psychiatrist that can make a finding, based upon his investigation that you are indeed the better choice to make.

The lawyer you select should agree to return you telephone calls in a timely fashion. There is nothing more irritating to a client than to have to wait for hours, and sometimes for days, a return call. The divorce process can be extremely stressful, and not being able to communicate readily with your lawyer, will cause needless stress and anxiety.

You should be part of the team and be fully informed when court dates are scheduled and there is sufficient time to meet with your lawyer to go over the strategy to be employed and any testimony you will give. Meeting your lawyer in court ten minutes before the scheduled time to appear is unacceptable and a strong indication that you are not receiving proper care and attention by counsel. If this happens, it may be time for you to consider replacing your attorney.

Your attorney should make you feels as a member of the legal team that is informed of all communications taking place and you are informed of its contents and receive copy of important email or letters to approve of same. This will insure that the facts are accurate and you become part of the decision making.

If these suggestions are followed, the lawyer client relationship will be built upon trust and confidence that your matter is receiving careful attention throughout the divorce proceeding.