Your First Consultation With an Attorney

Many clients overlook the importance of a first consultation with their lawyers. This is the first opportunity to make full disclosure regarding your financial background and any specific facts that might impact on the outcome of your case. For example, it would be important to disclose the use of drugs, or any alcohol problems.

Since the discovery process during your divorce case will enable your spouse to determine any of these facts bearing on your pre marital history, the withholding of this information will prejudice you when the issue of custody is tried. Moreover, the withholding of financial data will have a serious negative impact in the division of property and the award made for support.

Remember that the withholding of pertinent information could form the basis for seeking any agreement reached to be set aside based upon fraud. In addition, your credibility is at stake and the court can determine that all of your testimony is unbelievable if you are caught in just one fabrication.