Selecting an Attorney

Selecting a lawyer to represent you, is much akin to selecting a medical doctor when you are ill with a serious disease. The first consideration should be his or her professional qualifications, which should include published books and articles written in the field of family law that will include, e.g. financial valuations, electronic discovery techniques, value of professional licenses and the like, as well as custody, relocation by a custodial parent, and support issues. Apart from such academic accolades, it is important to select a lawyer that is well respected in the field by both colleagues and the judges that sit in the divorce parts.

The next step is to make certain that you can relate to the lawyer on a personal level and feel a high degree of trust and mutual respect for one another. Put another way, does your attorney possess a good bedside manner? Will he return phone calls the same day they are received regardless of whether he or she is out of the office or on trial. Another important consideration is whether the lawyer does appellate work and what his or her success rate has been. A good appellate lawyer knows what the appellate courts look for on the trial level, and is better able to present your case to the trial court.

Choose wisely, since your ultimate result may well depend on your lawyer's expertise.