Preparing for Trial

Most busy attorneys do not devote sufficient time in preparing for trial. Making certain that the relevant documents you deem necessary for the defense or prosecution of your case, will be received into evidence, cannot be strongly enough emphasized.

A synopsis of the law with respect to the admissibility of the document must be prepared, and available to submit to the judge when an objection is raised on trial. Anticipation objections that will be made at trial is a most important step in successful trial practice. It is one thing to make a general objection,and another to prepare a specific written legal argument, citing cases that have already been decided. The judge will welcome such good lawyering and it will help to win your point.

Preparing to give testimony at trial will take literally days of preparation. An attorney who fails to devote such time to your case should be viewed with suspicion. No one can succeed in the courtroom without such preparation.