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  • Wonderful

    Very tough divorce case but Wendy and Anna assisted me in every way possible and are wonderful people to talk to!


    Gratitude- This is what I'm filled with as a result of Wendy and Anna handling my divorce. Expertise combined with warmth and humanity made what was the most difficult time in my life conclude most satisfactorily! No small feat in a divorce proceeding!

  • You're really the best.

    Dear Wendy, I want to thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart for your endless patience and willingness to look out for my welfare even though I was often too willing to bury my head in the sand You're really the best, and I am so grateful to Margie Davino, Esq. for making our connection possible.

  • I would recommend the firm to anyone.

    Despite the unpleasant nature of divorce, the attorneys at Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, LLP were a pleasure to work with. They were consistently professional throughout the process and worked diligently towards a fair settlement. In addition, they were responsive to my questions and requests and did a thorough job explaining the legal process to me surrounding divorce, which I much appreciated despite being a lawyer myself! I would recommend the firm to anyone seeking objective advice and advocacy with the goal of resolving the divorce as quickly and fairly as possible.

  • Great lawyer!

    Wendy, Thank you for all of your help and support. I will recommend you to clients who are looking for a great lawyer!

  • Patient, caring and professional!

    Life happens sometimes not in a good way. By pure chance and God's good grace, I came upon Samuelson, Hause and Samuelson while searching for divorce lawyers in NY. I happen to live out of state, so there was a lot of correspondence by phone or email. When I was overwhelmed, the entire staff was patient, caring and professional. After finally meeting in person, many of my fears lessened. I knew I could get through this with their guidance and knowledge of the complexities involved in a divorce situation. After winning my case, I overheard my husband's lawyer say to him, 'She hired lawyers who are experts in matrimonial law.' I guess that says it all!

  • Very grateful!

    Richard Hause was highly recommended when I needed a divorce attorney and his reputation is well-deserved. Divorce can be very difficult because of the uncertainty you feel as you endure the process. Rich had the experience and the insight to help me make the best decisions for my situation. He remains available, he follows up as promised, and kept me informed. I am also very grateful for the quality of his firm's supporting staff. The Samuelson, Hause, and Samuelson team kept me focused on my work and my children while they handled my divorce with extreme professionalism.

  • Great choice!

    Having been married for 32 years, it was with great difficulty deciding to divorce my wife. The single most difficult problem was finding an attorney that had the right skills and chemistry to work with. I am not a shy man, therefore having had 2 different law firms represent me prior to finding Wendy Samuelson and Richard Hause, was just another business decision I had to make. Well, I certainly hit the jackpot in finally finding the team that was truly able to represent me to the fullest extent. Attorney Wendy Samuelson not only made me feel that I did the right thing legally but also mentally. Their continuance of emotional support was reassuring and refreshing. The entire team at Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson, worked respectfully hard with very limiting deadlines, accomplishing so much with the utmost confidence. Despite such a hard time with difficult decisions, I made a great choice in working with Wendy.

  • I highly recommend this firm, and can’t thank them enough.

    I wanted to thank the team at Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life. From the moment I met Elliot Samuelson, during my initial consultation, I knew I was dealing with a highly competent attorney, who would fight for me and my rights as a father. After my consultation, I was referred to work with Mr. Samuelson. His tenacity and professionalism was second to none. He was highly knowledgeable of the law, and always available to answer my questions. Due to his great work, I was able to get a favorable settlement agreement.

  • Most prominent matrimonial attorneys in New York.

    Elliot Samuelson is one of the most prominent matrimonial attorneys in New York. He has published more articles than perhaps any other matrimonial attorney and talked shop on Larry King Live. Samuelson has helped shape the laws on asset valuation, the legal obligations of unmarried couples, the rights of step-parents, the valuation of enhanced earning capacity of exceptional wage earners and the impact of the loss of inheritance rights on divisions of marital property.

  • Among the leading divorce attorneys on Long Island.

    In selecting Elliot Samuelson as among the leading divorce attorneys on Long Island, over 185 interviews were conducted over a 7 month period. Mr. Samuelson is the author of 5 books including Matrimonial Motion Practice in New York. He has been named to “Ten Leaders” of Matrimonial and Divorce Law of Long Island.

  • Most active people I know.

    You (Elliot D. Samuelson) are one of the most active people I know and I congratulate you on the honors bestowed upon you by the New York State Bar Association. It’s nice to know that you have given of yourself to make our profession better.

  • Many thanks!

    Many thanks for recommending Wendy Samuelson for my sister. She is very pleased with her and has signed a retainer. This was a huge step for my sister - one that has taken many years. Having a caring and compassionate attorney made it happen.

  • Efficient workplace.

    Divorce is a horrible time in anyone’s life. It is filled with stress and life changing decisions Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson is a law firm that gives you the information and confidence to make the right decisions. Richard Hause was recommended to me by my local union president. He was my second attorney during the divorce, as my first attorney was a complete let down and failure. The office of Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson is an efficient workplace. Messages are recorded and handled correctly and responses come timely and promptly. Richard Hause has many years and cases of experience. His advice and direction lead to a fair and affordable settlement I could live with. My only regret is that I did not go to him first.

  • Wendy is my "Wonder Woman".

    Divorce is a very emotional and draining process to go through. I was given a few recommendations for divorce attorneys and made appointments to consult with all of them. When I finally went in for my consultation and met with Wendy Samuelson, I was overcome with relief and confidence that I had finally found the right person to represent my case. Wendy was always there for me, and answered all of my questions, whether by phone or e-mail, and was very supportive when things got tough. With her guidance, I was encouraged to do as much financial research on my own to in order to help keep the costs of litigation down. For example, I was shown how to review my spouse's bank records on my own, and earmark questionable transfers. I was so impressed by Wendy's professionalism in front of the judge and in our conferences with the opposing attorney and my ex. Wendy's knowledge and confidence catapults her to the top of the list when it comes to divorce attorneys on Long Island. Wendy is my "Wonder Woman" and she and her firm really represent their motto: "We're the calm beneath your storm.

  • Always return your calls!

    If you want a divorce lawyer who will always return your calls, keep the process running smoothly, and guide you through the inevitable conflicts and hurdles, I highly recommend Wendy Samuelson. Wendy came to me by recommendation of an attorney friend of mine, and I'll tell you why. She's professional, no-nonsense, tough when she has to be, comforting when you need her to be. I've listened to too many divorce horror stories from other acquaintances, and I have Wendy to thank that I don't have one of my own to share.

  • Respected my wishes.

    Wendy Samuelson and her firm are the best around. She really listened to me and respected my wishes on how I wanted my divorce handled. I was not looking for a long, drawn out battle and Wendy was able to settle my case without my having to step into a courtroom. Her associates are just as professional and efficient as she is. I was very lucky to have been recommended to her.

  • I would recommend Ms. Samuelson without hesitation.

    How do you choose a matrimonial attorney? Referrals. I was referred to Wendy Samuelson of Samuelson Hause & Samuelson by an attorney friend of mine who is a partner in a large multi-specialty Manhattan law firm. Why do you stay with a professional? Demonstrated results. Wendy Samuelson is the real deal. With over 18 years of experience solely in matrimonial law, she was thoroughly prepared for each court appearance and made persuasive presentations to the judge assigned to my case. Managing my expectations each step of the way with strategic assessment consultations, she was successful in securing a favorable settlement on the eve of trial. While divorce is not painless, Ms. Samuelson's demeanor and assistance made my ordeal bearable. If a friend or colleague needs the assistance of matrimonial counsel, I would recommend Ms. Samuelson without hesitation.

  • I will always be indebted to her and her firm.

    Having been married for over 43 years, I was a "deer in the headlights" when it came to facing the facts that my marriage was ending. I was recommended to Wendy Samuelson by a friend of a friend and from our first meeting, I knew she was the attorney for me. She was always calm, patient and professional, but especially, she was compassionate. There is life after divorce and she helped me to realize that goal.

  • I am grateful that I had Wendy Samuelson on my side, looking out for me and my children.

    A year before I decided to get divorced, I met with Wendy. I wasn't quite ready to pull the plug on my marriage, even though when I look back I realize it was over for years. I remember being impressed with Wendy's calm authority and the feeling that she would take care of me and my children. I was hoping that I would never see her again, hoping that I could make my marriage work. And then…I pulled the plug. I was encouraged by friends to try mediation. On paper mediation makes sense, two parties making a rational agreement and of course there's the promise of it being less expensive. The problem is; it takes both parties to be rational, which unfortunately was not my case. After months of mediation, and nothing getting done, I realized that I needed an advocate for me. I needed to act quickly because my husband was about to sell one of our commercial properties, one of our largest assets, and pocket the funds for himself. Wendy came to the rescue, on the day before Thanksgiving no less, and got a restraining order for me, making sure the proceeds of the sale of the building were placed in escrow. This was critical to my case. Wendy was a calming influence on me and even my then-husband. She was patient when explaining the law and would develop and review financial spreadsheets to make it understandable to both me and my ex to settle the case. She responded quickly and was thorough.

  • I highly recommend her.

    Wendy is a great matrimonial attorney. She is understanding, knowledgeable, sharp, professional and knows how to get the job done. She is everything you want in a matrimonial attorney.

  • Unbelievably receptive, caring, and completely understanding.

    My case was a logistical nightmare, as it was mixed within 2 different states and multiple attorneys were involved. They had to work in conjunction with my attorney in my home state (not New York), all while being extremely detail-oriented, and cognizant of all the odd twists and turns of the whole ordeal. They also had an extraordinarily small window of time to prepare. When it was time to show up in court, they were present and they were professionalism at its best. They were exceedingly prepared and had me tremendously prepared as well. I could not have been more proud to have them at my side. They had every possible angle covered and represented me better than I ever expected. They were excellent and I could not have appreciated them more. (I also think that the opposing attorney was afraid of them!)

  • Attentive and ready to help.

    My ex-husband started the proceedings of our separation in the Winter of 2005. I met Richard Hause after being quite disappointed with my previous experience with a counselor. I was impressed from the very first meeting by his knowledge of divorce laws and the ability to relate to my case, despite the fact of his obvious respect for marriage as an institution. Our conversations, in the course of three years until my ex-husband and I reached a Separation Agreement in 2008, always left me with a better sense of my situation and how to prioritize my goals to receive the best future benefits for our children and me. As many others, my case was complex involving, among other things, a child with disabilities. I felt that Richard Hause was always able to reach out to the counterpart and negotiate every aspect of our agreement with an objective outlook at the facts of life and the financial necessities which would arise after the divorce. I saw him in action with the other lawyer and my ex-husband during our four-way meetings, showing clear understanding of all the issues on the table and firmness of action when required in prospecting future disadvantages for both parts. After my divorce, like many others, I found unexpected roadblocks due to the changes in life of our family members. I found Richard Hause always attentive and ready to help with his advice to overcome these roadblocks and to share with me the real gravity of the circumstances smoothing or alerting when necessary. In conclusion, my personal experience leads me to very highly recommend Richard Hause to anyone, who needs legal guidance and expertise in such a difficult time like getting separated and/or divorced.

  • I couldn’t have done this without them.

    As a physician, going through a divorce and custody litigation has been the most stressful thing I have ever endured. It’s a path that I don’t wish for anyone to cross. When I arrived at this crossroad, I reached out to several attorneys when I lived in New York City. I had lots of questions, was full of anxiety and felt lost. A close friend of mine referred me to Samuelson, Hause & Samuelson. This law office concentrates on matrimonial and family law, and they have an extremely experienced staff. You can do your research and background check on every attorney, and you should, just as I had done. You can hire the most expensive one in town, and there are plenty of them out there. But what you need is someone who is more than just a lawyer during those times; you need a friend you can trust. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome and the hard work that they put forth for me. Their integrity, honesty and conscientiousness were invaluable to me. They kept me strong and focused in the right direction at all times. Going through a divorce is foreign and knowing they were there helped me so much. I knew the moment we met I could completely trust them and that only grew stronger as we worked together. I couldn’t have done this without them.

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