Business Asset Division in a New York Divorce

Long Island Divorce Lawyer Explains Factors of Property Distribution

In a divorce, equitable distribution of marital property can also include any assets and property accumulated through a business during marriage. If you and your spouse were business owners or partners while married, you cannot wait to hire a Long Island divorce lawyer who can help you fight for the settlement you deserve. Business asset division is often a complex high net-worth divorce process that requires experienced legal counsel and representation.

The most important step in asset division is to establish whether or not the business is considered marital or separate property. Marital property is distributable under New York family law, while separate property is not. For example, if one spouse owned the business prior to marriage and the other spouse was not involved in the business at all, it is likely that the property is not distributable. If the two spouses started the business together while married, however, equitable distribution may apply. Contact Samuelson Hause & Samuelson, LLP right away to retain a Long Island divorce attorney who can help. Our legal team has a deep understanding of marital law and can fight skillfully to protect your business assets from unfair division.

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